• Excellence in Education • An integrated development of student’s personality • Propagation and inculcation of values enshrined in the constitution of india


Sr. No.Name of staff member Email AddressDesignation
1D H Jamgedayajamge@gmail.comFull Time Teacher
2D B Gaikwadgaikwad1961@gmail.comFull Time Teacher
3S N Biradarbiradar.subhash1@gmail.comFull Time Teacher
4K K Kakadrkkakad9@gmail.comFull Time Teacher
5P A Deshpandedpad828@gmail.comFull Time Teacher ( Pr.)
6P K Ghodkevishghodke02@gmail.comFull Time Teacher ( Pr.)
7A T Madnemadaneasaram@gmail.comFull Time Teacher ( Pr.)
8U K Hesehese1969@gmail.comFull Time Teacher ( Pr.)
9P G Dhalkaridhalkaripramod@gmail.comFull Time Teacher
10A V Sutravesuteraveavinash@gmail.comFull Time Teacher ( Pr.)