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nuntan mahavidyalaya

On behalf of Nutan Mahavidayalaya, Selu I appreciate the faith shown by you in the institution. Nutan Mahavidyalaya, Selu, is celebrating Golden Jubilee Year of its Inception in June 2018. The college, started with just a few students in 1968, has now around three thousand students on its roll. It gives me an immense pleasure to offer congratulations to the students, the teachers and the administration on the occasion of its Golden Jubilee. I feel obliged to extend my congratulations to administrative staff and various other unseen and unknown personnel who have been responsible for this college’s overall success and achievement. Fifty years ago, the college set out certain goals such as imparting education to all, disseminating knowledge and promotion of skills faithfully so, the college has not only fulfilled these goals, but has taken it up as a responsibility to promote these ideas in future too.

The college students have always successfully imbibed in them a unique spirit of community, secular ideologies, a sense of democratic and institutional responsibility and above all the celebration of diversity. The college has indeed helped all its students maintain a balance between excellence in career and social responsibility. Many noted and well known doctors, engineers, academicians, civil servants, social workers, artists, film makers, authors, educationists and lawyers comprise our alumna hall of fame. During the Golden Jubilee Year, we hope to bring all of them back to share with the current students their experiences and memories.
The college believes that learning beyond classroom is equally important as the classroom interaction. Therefore, students are encouraged to organise and participate in the various co-curricular, extra-curricular activities as well as sports. The laboratories are well equipped making learning more interesting and interactive. Our efforts are directed towards student development for employment and self-employment.
I look forward to welcome you and here’s wishing you an unforgettably enriching experience with us.